Pick-Up & Delivery


Get your free bag today!

Just call our cleaners and schedule a pick up and we will give you a free laundry bag.

Free Pick up and Delivery

This is our customers' favorite service because of the convenience it gives them and its FREE! We know that bringing your clothes to your local cleaners can be a chore so we created an easy way for you to save yourself time. With quick and easy scheduled pick up and deliveries you can focus on the things that really matter.

How it works

  1. We give you a bag that is labeled with your name and account phone number so that we can identify your clothes.
  2. You put all the clothes that need to be dry cleaned, altered, and laundered into the laundry bag.
  3. Contact us to schedule a pick up or leave outside if you have a regular pick up at the time of pick up.
  4. We will pick up your clothes, have the work needed done, and deliver them back to you on the day scheduled.

Serving Areas below:

Los Angeles

Beverly Hills